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Differences In A Tantric Massage

You may have heard the word tantric thrown around a few times in regard to sex and assumed that a tantric massage was the same thing. However, a tantric massage is a lot more than a regular massage and can be a totally new experience worth trying. If you’re looking for an exciting and sensual massage, you could look at booking a tantric massage in London. So, if you’re interested to learn more about the differences between a tantric massage and other forms of massage therapy, keep reading and delve into the tantric world. 

What Is A Tantric Massage? 

The word tantra essentially means “balance” and this is reflected in massage therapy. The aim is to balance your energy and allow you to feel liberated and at peace with your body. The massage is performed in the nude, features aspects of meditation and breathwork, and isn’t purely sexual. Your full body will be massaged, including your genitalia, and though some people can experience orgasms during the session, this isn’t the end goal. The masseur will use aromatic oils to easily glide over your body and focus on certain areas to create waves of energy within you. Tantric massaging allows you to release any tension and blockages within your body and can help you address emotional barriers. 

Is It The Same As An Erotic Massage? 

People may confuse the two massages and assume that they’re the same thing. The main difference is that an erotic massage is purely about bringing the other person to orgasm and is focused on the sexual aspect of massage. A tantric massage incorporates mindfulness and meditation to allow your body and mind to connect. One similarity between them is the person receiving the massage does not need to reciprocate the pleasure to the masseur. Both allow you to feel a climactic release without needing to provide the same return. 

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How Can It Benefit Me? 

There are many suggested benefits from receiving a tantric massage. Such as improving your health, reducing stress, and even treating sexual dysfunctions. Some people have found that it can strengthen their relationship with their partner and help heal emotional pain. A tantric massage can awaken your sexual energy and if an orgasm is achieved during the session, it can be powerful and make you more connected to your inner self. This form of massage therapy can help you achieve a higher state of relaxation compared to others too. 

Can I Learn? 

If you’d like to experience a tantric massage with your partner, you can learn. However, it will take practice as with any massage, there are certain ways the body is touched to create the right sensations. There are plenty of step-by-step guides available, and it may take a couple of attempts to get it right. However, engaging in this practice together can help you become more emotionally connected and become more open to experiencing pleasure in new ways. 

A tantric massage is about creating a connection with your body and soul, not sexual release. Not only can you feel enlightened and empowered after your session, but the results can also feed into other areas of your life too. Although you may climax during the session, this isn’t the masseur’s intention. Their goal is to provide you with a relaxing, spiritual experience.

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