Laura Zeller

Laura Zeller

Laura Zeller has over a decade of experience as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with UW Health’s Preventive Cardiology Program. Laura joined the MyHEART research program and the UW Health Innovation Program as a Health Coach in 2015.

She received her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Secondary Education (Natural Science and Zoology) from UW-Madison and her Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Exercise Physiology from UW-LaCrosse. Laura helps people lower their risk (or manage a diagnosis) of heart disease and/or diabetes by assisting them with diet, exercise, and other heart healthy behaviors.

Her personal interests include triathlons, travel, wheel thrown pottery, open water swimming, bicycling, paddling, snowboarding, backpacking, surfing, and making lye soap, and she is a two-time Ironman Wisconsin finisher.

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