Dr. Diane Lauver

Diane Lauver

Dr. Diane Lauver is a Registered Nurse, Researcher, and Professor of Nursing at the University of Wisconsin (UW) School of Nursing. She also serves as a consultant in multiple health behavior change interventions through the UW Health Innovation Program. 

She received her Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) from the University of Rochester in Women’s Health, completed her postdoctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania, and her PhD at the University of Rochester in Nursing.

As a nurse researcher, Dr. Lauver strives to assist people in adopting healthy behaviors and experiencing better health. She is currently involved in patient-centered interventions to promote primary preventive behaviors such as stress reduction, physical activity, tobacco cessation, and dietary changes. She is excited about learning how nurses can facilitate individuals in reaching their health goals and improving their quality of life.

Dr. Lauver enjoys outside activities such as biking and walking, as well as practicing mindfulness.

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